The Knysna Heads

Any visit to the picturescue town of Knysna on the Garden Route in South Africa, should include a visit to the Knysna Heads.

The Knysna Heads form a gateway to the lagoon, separating the raging ocean from the calm waters around Knysna. The Eastern head is easily accessible by road, and is extensively developed with a number of homes and restaurants to be found on top of it. It allows easy access to the waterfront below for those who want to enjoy watersports on the calm waters of the lagoon.

The Western head is only accessible using a ferry ride across the bay, but this is where the Featherbed Nature Reserve is found, so it is well worth the visit. A typical trip to the reserve would include the ferry trip, a ride by 4×4 and a walk.

Coming soon – a directory of tourism and business resources centred around the Knysna Heads and Knysna in general